February 6, 2020

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Import contents from one to another WordPress website.

How To Import contents One To Another WordPress Website

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to completely transfer post pages and media contents from one of your WordPress websites to another WordPress website.

step 1

So first we have to login to our old website dashboard. See screenshot below for sample.


After logging in, click Tools in the dashboard menu and then hit the export option and the interface will come up as I have shown in the screenshot.

Now, depending on your need, after clicking all the content or any one option like post or page or as per the need, click on the export download below.


Now let’s move on to the dashboard of the website where all the exported content has to be transferred, and hit the Tools option.


Now you again go to Tools option and select Import this time. And hit the WordPress Run Importer Option.

You Can Also Go With Our YouTube Tutorial For Import contents from one to another WordPress website.

Step- 5

Now in the next interface, click on Browse and select your file which is downloaded in your step-2.

Step- 6

After that select your Existing user in the Assigned Author as shown in the screenshot. After that tick the download attachment if you want to import the media file of the old website as well, then click submit.

Step- 7

Now you can relax and take Tee-Coffee till the coming (all done. have fun!) Interface. May the interface of you not be exposed immediately. This may take some time, which depends on your data size and internet speed.

Step- 8

Now your work is done, now refresh your new website page and see the changes.

Thank you.

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