January 26, 2020

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Secrets You Will Never Know About Screen Recording Apps

Secrets You Will Never Know About Screen Recording Apps.

Dear Friends today I am going to tell you how you can record screen of your Android phone. In this post, I will be discussing some apps which can help you record the screen of Android phone with the best video quality.
You can use these apps to make small app promo videos with the best video quality.
In the early time as old as Android version 4.4 or below there was no app that can record the screen of the Android gadget. In those days the best way to record a screen of Android device was to put a camera in front of the Android device and record the same. However, it was not the best idea but it made the work to be done.
With increasing technology, there are multiple apps that can do the job to record screen. However quality of video depends on Android operating system.

Screen Recording Apps:

We went through each app personally to use them personally so that can tell you the best of all. After testing all the apps we came up with the following apps that are the best affordable and easy to use apps to record screen of Android device.

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root:

This is the best app we found that can help you full fill your task. The only downside of this app is that it can only work with devices having Android version 5.0 or above.
And the best part is that it is completely free to use. However, if you need some advanced features you may need to pay for the same.
You can install the app from play store or by clicking here.
Once you download and install AZ Screen Recorder in your Android device you will get an icon in your home screen such as shown below.

AZ Screen Recorder
AZ Screen recorder on Android

In order to record screen of the Android device you just have to click on the AZ Screen Recorder app. Once you click on the icon, a small bar as shown below will pop up.

AZ Screen Record button
AZ Screen Screenshot button
AZ Screen Settings button
AZ Screen Gallery
AZ Screen Exit button

  This iCon is to start recording of the screen.
  This icon is to take a screenshot.
This icon is to make various changes in the app like the control type, Resolution, Frame rate and much more.
This icon is to see the recording, Screenshots (Gallery) taken by apps
This iCon is to exit the app.

You can click on record icon to start recording. After you click on this recording icon, apps will give a popup to click Start NowOnce you click on Start Now app will start counting like 3, 2, 1 and will start recording after number 1. To stop the recording you can click on the AZ Screen icon. This will save the recording. You can set the folder where you want to save the recording from Settings.


Next to AZ Screen Recorder comes Mobizen. The main advantage of this app is that it works with Android version as low as 4.2. Along with this app is also completely free. However, the quality of the video may differ from AZ Screen Recorder.
You can download this app from play store or by clicking here
Once you have downloaded and installed this app on your device you will get an icon similar to the one shown below.

Mobizen Start recording

To start recording screen of your Android device you just have to click on the Mobizen app. Once you click on the icon, you will get a notification in notification bar similar to as shown below. This notification says “Tap here to resume recording. Once you click on that screen recording will start.

Mobizen Stop recording

To stop screen recording you have to scroll down the notification bar and click on the notification which says “Tap here to stop recording. This will give you options to Delete the video Close it or to Watch the video you have recorded.

So friends, Am i right on my words that Secrets You Will Never Know About Screen Recording Apps.

Thank You.

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